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536 “I love lamp” the veneer lampshade

December 22, 20143 Comments

During the long, cold winter nights I like to cozy up with a hot cup of cider and sit down to watch a movie or read a good book, and to help set the mood (because who DOESN’T take the time to set a mood?) I’ll turn on a nice accent light and let it […]

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520 Veneered smart phone case

March 1, 20144 Comments

Looking for a fun project in the shop that doesn’t take long and you can carry it around in your pocket where ever you go? Here’s one for you, a custom veneered smart phone case. One of the benefits of being a woodworker is that we can frequently customize everyday items. Whether it’s building them […]

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Custom iPhone Case? Kind of…

August 22, 20134 Comments

Over the past week I’ve been running down to my shop almost every day to play with an idea I found in this video by Steven Oleksak of “Wood Phone Case” www.woodphonecase.com (you should checkout his other video on his website too!). I’ve written previously about the fact that I sometimes struggle with inspiration. I […]

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