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Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2015 Build Along

September 24, 20150 Comments

It goes without saying, CANCER SUCKS! Sadly, just about all of us have been affected by it either directly or indirectly, and if you haven’t yet, statistically you probably will eventually. Over the last several decades great strides have been made to combat this killer, and as someone who’s adult career at their day-job knows […]

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Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Tool Auctions

October 29, 20140 Comments

It’s no coincidence I’m posting this just before Halloween, Cancer is a monster and a horrifying disease. Thankfully there are some amazing strides being made every year in the battle against it. But it takes money to do the research, and that’s where we can all help out. If you’re not able to participate in […]

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Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2014 Campaign

October 18, 20140 Comments

It’s that time of year again: the 2014 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer fundraiser brought to us by The Wood Whisperer Team of Marc & Nicole Spagnuolo. In 2013 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer raised over $14,000. This year the goal is $15,000 and The Wood Whisperer Team is confident they’ll reach it. Over the past few years Woodworkers […]

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Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2013

November 9, 20130 Comments

I know very few people who haven’t been touched in one way or another by cancer. It’s a horrible disease that doesn’t discriminate due to age, gender or ethnicity. Thankfully, in my lifetime we’ve made huge strives in cancer treatment and early detection. It’s safe to say there are numerous forms of the disease that […]

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469 Horsing around for a good cause

November 14, 20114 Comments

I’m late to the game as usual, but in this case, being late is better than never showing up at all. What am I talking about? The Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Charity Build. If you’re not familiar with Woodworkers Fighting Cancer it’s a charity started by our good friend Marc Spagnuolo – The Wood Whisperer to […]

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The Power of Woodworking!!

April 9, 20100 Comments

The numbers are in and the total is amazing! Marc Spagnuolo just announced the final results of the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer build over at The Wood Whisperer website. “After 30 days of intense building, Wood Whisperer Guild members have finally finished their tables. 67 people participated and thanks to 158 contributors and numerous sponsors, we […]

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