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The Daily Matt No.75

February 10, 20101 Comment

Today let’s talk about wooden bodied hand planes. While the majority of us these days are only familiar with metal-bodied planes, the wooden version are just as usable and give equally amazing results when properly tuned. Is there a big difference in the shop when using them? With the limited experience I’ve had, they perform […]

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The Daily Matt No. 74

February 9, 20104 Comments

Today’s episode we take a quick look at some of the adjusters on the metal bodied planes. During an earlier episode I tried to explain the parts of a plane, but there was one little adjuster I completely overlooked. So while I go back to discuss this little adjuster that does a lot I thought […]

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The Daily Matt No. 73

February 8, 20100 Comments

Today’s episode is a chance to get caught up on some comments and questions that have come in and also to point you in the direction of resources to answer those questions. Many of you have asked when we’ll be covering plane restoration. It’s in the pipeline, just further down the line though. So until […]

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The Daily Matt No. 72

February 4, 20101 Comment

Today’s episode we’re continuing on our discussion of why buy premium planes? This is the second part of the premium vs non-premium planes and what their typical characteristics are. Our focus is on smoothing planes, as they’re the planes that it’s most crucial to have working better than any other. Flat soles, working parts and […]

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The Daily Matt No. 71

February 3, 20101 Comment

One of the most common questions I get regularly is “Why buy a high end plane like those from Lee Valley or Lie-Nielsen?” “Is there a real difference?” “Can’t an inexpensive plane do the same thing?” After having some experience with Premium planes and some not so premium ones, I’m starting to understand what works […]

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The Daily Matt No. 70

January 31, 20102 Comments

Talking about the bevel up planes on this episode. Especially the Veritas versions. Help support the show – please visit our advertisers

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The Daily Matt No. 69

January 28, 20100 Comments

Today’s episode we take a little bit closer look at the Veritas plane. What’s so different about their planes vs a Stanley or Lie-Nielsen plane?

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The Daily Matt No. 68

January 27, 20103 Comments

Returning to our discussion of the hand planes from last week, today let’s learn about the parts of a hand plane. Being able to identify and properly name the individual components of a hand plane makes it so much easier to understand what authors are talking about when describing planes and if you were in […]

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The Daily Matt No. 67

January 25, 20102 Comments

Taking a little detour from our the scheduled topic today to make sure you have a chance to checkout a few things! First thing I want to mention is Tom Fidgen’s new website www.theunpluggedwoodshop.com. Heading into the holidays I had mentioned receiving my copy of his new book “Made By Hand – Furniture projects from […]

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