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Wood Talk Online Radio No. 103 – Special Guest Night

August 29, 20120 Comments

The boys are back for another episode, but this time they’re bringing in a couple of special guests to talk about some recent BIGTIME woodworking events you may have heard of. First guest on the show is Dave Campbell – Deputy Editor of WOOD Magazine. Dave talks with Marc, Shannon and Matt about some of […]

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417 Hendrik and the woodworking shows

March 3, 20100 Comments

Hi everyone, Hendrik is back for the month of March and we’ve decided to do a last minute audience question and answer session. If you missed submitting your question, don’t worry…we’re taking them and setting them aside for more episodes upcoming in the future. Hendrik has back to back Woodworking shows coming up the first […]

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The Daily Matt No. 80

February 28, 20102 Comments

Busy, busy weekend! Not much woodworking, but I did have a chance to visit The Woodworking Shows in the Detroit, Michigan area. I haven’t been to one in years, and I was asked by a vendor if I’d shoot some demo video of them for their website. A chance to get paid to visit a […]

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