The Daily Matt No. 70

January 31, 2010

Talking about the bevel up planes on this episode. Especially the Veritas versions.

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  1. Hey Matt,

    Many, Many moons ago when I was taking woodworking shop in 7th. grade. One of the big things I remember was if anyone would set their hand plane on a table in upright position the teacher would make that person disassembled the plane completely and put back together. Teacher said it needed to be lying on its side. Have you ever heard of that before? I guess in those days they thought the blade would get dull? It may have been a good reason to teach us, how to manage a plane? I’m just curious.

    Thanks Tom

    • Matt says:

      I have heard this rumor and old woodworker’s tale numerous times. I think it’s even been written about by a magazine editor or two. The way I see it, if a blade is dulled simply by the action of RESTING against a board…you need to find some different steel.

      At the most I’d be more concerned about moisture in the wood transferring to the steel…but that’s a topic for another episode LOL!

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