The Daily Matt No. 71

February 3, 2010

One of the most common questions I get regularly is “Why buy a high end plane like those from Lee Valley or Lie-Nielsen?” “Is there a real difference?” “Can’t an inexpensive plane do the same thing?”

After having some experience with Premium planes and some not so premium ones, I’m starting to understand what works and what doesn’t and I’ll share with you a few of my thoughts.

Please excuse the camera work, I’m training a new cameraman – my 8 year-old son Aiden

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  1. Taylor says:

    Good show Matt. I appreciate the brutal honesty. It just reinforces that old saying – you get what you pay for. I got your email about the bevels…thanks.

    Aiden – You did a good job little man. I know your Dad is proud of you.

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