The Daily Matt No. 72

February 4, 2010

Today’s episode we’re continuing on our discussion of why buy premium planes? This is the second part of the premium vs non-premium planes and what their typical characteristics are. Our focus is on smoothing planes, as they’re the planes that it’s most crucial to have working better than any other. Flat soles, working parts and comfy handles…the main features that are most important to the user.

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  1. Dave Brewer says:

    Hey Matt

    Great post again. I just purchased the Woodriver number 4 and I have to say, there is very little difference between it and the gold standard, LN. For 1/3 of the price it is a no brainer for me. I honed the blade and went to work. I hope they come out with a No. 7 soon!!

    Something I would like to see is demonstrations of using several types of planes and specialty planes. Just like you did router bit of the month, maybe plane of the month? if it is half as good as the router bit of the month demos, it would be awesome. I would love to see how you would incoprorate different uses for the different planes.

    Here is something I just found to help ID those old Stanley planes when you are out looking for those steals, but Im sure you already have copies of this everywhere, your wallet, the car, the kids backpacks….LOL

    Once again, great post. Loved it


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