The Daily Matt No. 73

February 8, 2010

Today’s episode is a chance to get caught up on some comments and questions that have come in and also to point you in the direction of resources to answer those questions.

Many of you have asked when we’ll be covering plane restoration. It’s in the pipeline, just further down the line though. So until then, checkout Eric Wolf’s The Ramblings of a Crazy Man. Eric did a great job of documenting his refurbishing a Stanley plane and I think you’ll learn a ton from it.

Another great resource for identifying and understanding the function of specific hand planes is Patrick’s Blood and Gore.

One last thing to mention today is we have a new Advertiser and Schwag Donator on the show, the great folks over at Eagle America have come on board and we’re very happy to have them. To get things started this month, they’re donating a great Plywood Dado router bit set for a winner this month. So make sure you get your name in to win!

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