The Daily Matt No.75

February 10, 2010

Today let’s talk about wooden bodied hand planes. While the majority of us these days are only familiar with metal-bodied planes, the wooden version are just as usable and give equally amazing results when properly tuned.

Is there a big difference in the shop when using them? With the limited experience I’ve had, they perform exactly the same. The only characteristics that might be different are the weight and the feedback from the stock being planed. Other than that, they’re a fun way to plane stock and work in the shop.

I mentioned a previous episode featuring a talk with Dan Barret owner of DL Barret and Sons Toolworks. Dan makes modern day wooden hand planes and they’re beautiful! Visit his site to check them out or watch my talk with Dan and Kyle at the Woodworking in America Design Conference in 2009 by Clicking Here.

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  1. John Verreault says:

    Hey Matt
    How about doing an actual demo of how to adjust the wooden plane blades? I am just making one out of maple and know this is not intuitive to the newbie (or even the “oldbie” who has never done it). I think a video showing what to do to adjust the blade would be fabulous as a DM episode…..



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