The Daily Matt No.77

February 17, 2010

For today’s episode we have a question from a listener regarding how to adjust the blade of a wooden bodied plane. As I had discussed earlier, wooden bodied planes don’t have mechanical adjusters like their metal-bodied cousins. But adjusting them is practically just as easy.

All it takes for quick adjustments is a small hammer and a light touch! Thanks to Dan Barrett for helping me to understand the how’s and why’s during our discussion at Woodworking in America at St. Charles this past year.

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  1. John Verreault says:

    Hey Matt

    Great episode and I am shocked and stunned that you pronounced my last correctly! Thank you for that…

    Since I own one of the those plane hammers from LV I thought it might be a good idea to let people know why one side of the hammer head is wood (I know you know but some don’t). If you do not have a “button” to strike with the brass side and really don’t want to mar your plane body, just use the wooden side. Wood hitting wood is good… so to speak.

    Thanks again for the info and keep the episodes coming.
    (in sunny Victoria BC Canada)

    • Matt says:

      There’s a first time for everything, especially for pronunciation LOL!!

      I learned that little lesson about the plane hammer the hard way and that’s evident on that scrub plane I was holding. On the front end under the handle and on the handle are some obvious dents and chunks missing from less than careful whacking.

      Take care and thanks.

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