The Highland Woodturner – Turning a tool handle

September 21, 2012

I’ve had a midi-lathe in my shop for quite awhile now and I keep telling myself it’s time to step up to the tool rest and make some chips fly.

One of the many projects I want to tackle eventually is making my own tool handles. There’s just something about the satisfaction of knowing your tools are like no one elses and you’ve had a hand in making them look and feel amazing.

From Curtis Turner – “Turning a tool handle” – The Highland Woodturner

Inspiration and instruction come from all over the place for me, and this article in the latest issue of the Highland Woodturner is one I’m bookmarking and planning to breakout when the time comes. Curtis Turner outlines the steps and details of turning your own tool handles. Checkout by CLICKING HERE.

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  1. Norm Reid says:

    One thing he does not mention is turning a flat spot on one side of the handle so you can tell by feel which side to hold when using the tool. You would do this with multi-axis turning. Although I’ve not done it personally, a friend has and it isn’t all that hard.

    Good luck,


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