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April 14, 2013

The new website is up and running…obviously…and I have all of you to thank for making this happen. Not just those of you who donated to the fundraiser but to all of you who visit from time-to-time.

If you’re a frequent visitor and remember the layout of the old site hopefully you can see a huge difference in the way things are laid out on this current version. I really like the layout of this new site and have ongoing plans to make it more informative and easier to navigate, so you’ll see the occasional tweak from time-to-time.

As part of my thank you to the many donators that made this happen you’ll find your name listed below…it’s the least I can do to show you my appreciation for your generosity!

Thank you to each of you (listed in no particular order):

Zac Higgins
Gunnar Olsson
Brander Roullett
Fr. Thomas Bailey, OSB
Jim Ligon
Richard Law
Mitch Roberson
Brian Glendenning
Marilyn Guthrie
Chris Schwarz
Bill Schenher
Chris Michalek
Jeff Peterson
Scott Bassin
Dave Hart
Tom Collins
Randy Peterman
Steve Brassard
Larry Thayer
Chris Nichols
Jack Coats
Jim Ashley
Rik Minnich
Chet Kloss
Dyami Plotke
Frank Bivins
Tony Hamm
Neal Becker
Walter Keast
Pierre Forget
Bobby Slack
Toby Sauer
Shaun Wellert
Erik Van
Joe Wiener
Richard Hall
David Ulschmid
Tobias Eklind
Dick Moffett
Mac Lyle
Allan Grant
Brett Watson
Mark Loughran
Ben Strano
Jim Mossoney
Alan Anderson
Brian Brazil
Eric Fortin
Mick Montgomery
Wes Fullenwider
Big Cheese
Stefan Gmoser
Rick Gable
Mike Tuxen
Wilbur Pan
Jon McGrath
Jon “Dozer” Mendoza
Jack Jacobs
David Beecher
Chris Birkland
Scott Blanchette
David Lankford
Todd Clippinger
Tom Hoffman
Tom Pritchard
Eric Wolf
Daniel Gardner
Matt Robinette
Shannon Rogers
Ben Minshall
Jonathan Szczepanski
Mike Llewellyn
Jay Tennier
Ron Hock
Tobias Sauer
Kevin Van Deusen
Ken Goodell
Andy Gartzke
Dennis Rozak
Scott McClaury
Cliff Merrill
John Verreault
Vic Hubbard
Christopher Landy
Marc Spagnuolo
“Drunken Woodworker”
Ron Shoemaker
Elaine Andersen
Stephen Glaesman
John Laffoon
Robert Teague
Ernesto Segovia

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  1. Kim SG says:

    Great job Matt, the new site looks fantastic!

  2. AndyL says:


    Like the new website but it is displaying differently on the IPAD. Not sure if you have one but if you do you should check out the way it looks.


    • Matt says:

      Thanks for the heads up. I just discovered the free version of the “Mobile” plugin I’m using no longer supports tablet devices.

      I’m planning to make a change shortly that should remedy that issue.

      Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Doug Warren says:

    Hey Matt, the web site “redo” is awesome, you are clearly in the top tier now!

  4. Michael Dore says:

    Hey Matt! What is the next woodworking project? Your site is amazing…

  5. Mark Loughran says:

    Fantastic new website Matt, it looks absolutely amazing, thanks for all that you do!!!! Best wishes, Mark

  6. Paul Corliss says:

    Matt, like the new website

  7. Jon McGrath says:

    Matt! The website looks Grrrreat! (Imagine Tony the Tiger voice). So happy for you and so happy to be involved even if in a small way helping you gain what you deserve and what a gift to the community. Just wanted to say thanks as I always do, site looks great. Sir – I wish you straight grains have a good one


  8. Leonard Doty says:

    Good job Mat.
    The Maple Guy

  9. Michael says:

    Congrats on getting the new website up and running, looking good!!!

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