The Review Show No. 12 – Garrett Hack’s “Small Tool Cabinet”

February 14, 2013

This week Marc and Matt are reviewing the Fine Woodworking title “Small Tool Cabinet” by Garrett Hack.

FWWSmall Tool Cabinet Title: Small Tool Cabinet
Run Time: 68 minutes
Production Date: 2009
Produced By: Lie-Neilsen Toolworks
Price: $25.00 US

From the Back of the Case:
Enjoy time in the workshop with master craftsmen Garrett Hack. Our video workshop DVD series was developed to demonstrate important woodworking techniques while building a specific project – such as this traditional tool cabinet. In this nearly one-hour video geared for intermediate and advanced woodworkers, hand-tool expert Garrett Hack reveals many of his trade secrets.

Use our expert’s tips to work smarter. This seasoned pro found a better way to build wall cabinets – and so can you. See how he uses sliding dovetails and an unorthodox face frame for greater strength and better looks. All your projects will turn out better when you learn his techniques for creating shop-made moldings and bandings, precise mitered corners, and perfectly fitting doors and drawers, Build this cabinet and build your skills. Includes digital SketchUp plan and covers the following topics:

Sturdy Case with Sliding Dovetails
Face Frames, Grooves, and Dadoes
Low-Stress Glue Up
A Sturdy Back
Decorative Details: Molding and Banding
A Traditional Door
Hinging and Hanging the Door
A Dovetailed Drawer
Finishing Touches

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