The Review Show No. 13 “Greene & Greene Joinery Details” with William Ng

April 9, 2013

Title: Greene & Greene Joinery Details w/ William Ng
Run Time: 60 Minutes
Production Date: 2013
Produced By: Popular Woodworking
Price: $18.74 US (Buy today)

From the Back of the Case

Greene & Greene details will allow you to create a variety of traditional-looking Green & Greene projects. With its strong Asian influence Greene & Greene furniture designs are unique and striking. But what draws much of our attention to the style are the smaller, simple joinery details that make each piece shine. In Greene & Greene Joinery Details, you will learn how to create five details, using jigs and simple techniques, that can be incorporated into a variety of furniture designs, providing a stunning finished project. The details shown include:

Pillowed Breadboards
Inlaid Ebony Spline
Inlaid Ebony Bars
Greene & Greene Leg Indent
Quick Trick for Simple Ebony Plugs

Our Thoughts

William Ng is an exceptional teacher. His experience and confidence shines through. And it’s very clear that he knows his way around Greene & Greene construction methods.

Unfortunately, the video quality and editing of this DVD does detract from it’s overall value. It has a somewhat amateur feel to it and doesn’t do justice to William’s skill as a woodworker and instructor. In spite of this, you will see exactly how some of these Greene & Greene details go together. But we aren’t 100% sure you’ll be able to reproduce all of them in your own shop.

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  1. nateswoodworks says:

    I agree, I bought the dvd download durung their last sake and am pretty disappointed. The content that was there was pretty long and drawn out and I felt that a lot of the details that make Greene and Greene so great were completely left out. The good thing is it was on sale, bad thing is I feel I still overpaid.

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