The Review Show No. 15 “9 Essential Woodworking Joints with Craig Ruegsegger”

May 29, 2013
Title: 9 Essential Woodworking Joints with Craig Ruegsegger
Run Time: 93 Minutes
Production Date: 2011
Produced By: WOOD Magazine
Price: $19.95 DVD/$15.95 Download

From the Back of the Case

In this video you’ll learn:

      How to properly drill a screw joint and then hide it
      Accurate miter cutting methods (and three ways of reinforcing them)
      Why glue alone is sometimes enough

WOOD magazine Projects Editor Craig Ruegsegger shows you how to cut the joints used to create panels, cabinets, frames, boxes and more. Some require only the tablesaw or a router. Discover the secret to cutting air-tight half-laps, the pros and cons of biscuits and pocket screws, and a foolproof method for perfect-fitting dadoes.
Our Thoughts

The video covers a great deal of topics, tips and tricks related to various woodworking joints. But I wouldn’t call them all essential. Rather, they represent a starting point. Depending on the level of work you do, you might be able to cut several of these “essentials” off the list, such as screwed butt joints, biscuits, and pocket screws. That said, every woodworker should know what all of these joints are and how to execute them, even if they don’t often use them in their work. This DVD is aimed directly at the entry-level woodworker and intermediate/advanced woodworkers will find themselves having trouble getting through the material. So if you’re new to the craft and you find yourself confused by all of the various joinery options, this is a great place to start.

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