The Review Show No. 9 “Pick and Prep Lumber for Better Projects”

August 13, 2012

Title: Pick and Prep Lumber for Better Projects
Run Time: 51 minutes
Production Date: 2011
Produced By: WOOD Magazine
Price: $19.95 US Buy Now

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From the Back of the Case:
In this video you’ll learn:
How to find the hidden (and not-so-hidden) beauty in every board.
Money-saving lumber-buying tips.
How to get the greatest yield from every piece of wood.
Proper lumber selection and preparation takes any project from “good” to “great.”

Learn the techniques WOOD magazine Design Editor Jeff Mertz uses every day to craft magazine-beautiful projects. His tips and insight help you develop a professional’s eye for the best use of every piece of lumber. These strategies will change the way you work with hardwoods and sheet goods.

Our Thoughts:
Jeff Mertz effectively covers the basics of lumber selection and preparation and adds in a few nice bonus topics including plywood basics, grain matching, and glue-ups. This information is fundamental to successful woodworking and as such, the information is nothing necessarily new or ground-breaking. But I would absolutely recommend this DVD for anyone who is new to the craft and needs to understand the basics of wood selection and processing.

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