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January 12, 2011

The holiday season has really done a number on my reading list. It’s now so long and I’m so far behind I’m thinking about scrapping it and only reading the most recent entries in my favorites. BUT…given the fact I’m convinced I have a slight touch of OCD, I don’t have a choice except to read ALL of them for fear of some impending irrational catastrophe to fall upon me if I were to say no.

Luckily for me though, for once this personal issue I wrestle with is really paying off! Tom Sustins of The Wood Haven – weblog and forum recently posted two great videos featuring master wooden hand plane maker, Phil Edwards.

Phil is the owner of Philly Planes – and makes some extraordinarily beautiful and amazing wooden hand planes. Everything from bench planes, to specialized planes like panel raisers and moulding planes.

I had the privilage of meeting Phil at the first Woodworking in America conference in Berea, Kentucky a few years ago. It was there I had a chance to try a few of his planes and was blown away with them. Especially this amazing Blackwood Miter plane he brought!

Phil is a moderator in some of the forums over at The Wood Haven and Tom traveled down to visit him in his shop. In this great little video Tom posted, Phil talks a little bit about getting started in plane making and then talks about his planes and why someone might want to buy a new wooden plane vs restoring an older one.

After watching, I’m now starting to think I know where my next tool purchase is coming from. Thanks to Tom and Phil for posting this video, and also another which has Phil demonstrating his technique for flattening a wooden plane’s sole.

To be blown away by Phil’s planes, checkout his blog at or his main website at where you can see his whole lineup. And don’t forget to visit Tom’s website and forum at

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  1. Haven Tom says:

    Hey Matt. Thanks for posting about this. Phil’s planes are simple awesome. I have a couple more short videos from Phil to post soon. I’ll drop you a line when they are posted.

    I feel all famous and stuff now my site has been featured on MBW! I’ve hit the big time baby!!! 😉

    Peace out.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks for the great content! You don’t need to be mentioned here to be famous, I already thought you were. In fact I was afraid this comment was a cease and desist order from your legal team LOL. Can’t wait for more great videos.

  2. Cliff says:

    Your right matt, great video and more so, seems like a really great guy. Gentle meticulous craftsman. Live the way those Brits say, rabbit—- “reeee-bate”
    Some day I’ll tell you my journey of internal healing through woodworking and your unrealized encouragement.

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