The Highland Woodworker Episode No. 20

October 16, 20150 Comments
(Image courtesy Don's Barn blog)

(Image courtesy Don’s Barn blog)

Earlier this year at the same time as Handworks 2015 another exhibit was happening not too far away. An exhibit featuring a very famous tool box from a craftsman just about every hand tool user has heard of, Mr. Henry O. Studley.

Among the many visitors to see the exhibit thanks to the behind the scenes work of Don Williams, Narayan Nayar and Christopher Schwarz, were the folks at The Highland Woodworker.

In the latest episode of “The Highland Woodworker” it’s all about Henry O. Studley.

“Chris Schwarz and Don Williams discuss what we know and don’t know about Studley — the person and the genesis of the tools and his hand built chest. With accompanying photographs by Narayan Nayar, Studley’s work comes alive.

The show’s “Feature” segment is a white glove tour of H.O. Studley’s tools and the cabinet with Don Williams the author of “Virtuoso” the new Lost Art Press book concerning this subject. He takes us up-close, layer by layer, tool by tool as we explore this phenomenal work.”

If you didn’t make it to the exhibit yourself, and want to learn more about it, checkout this latest episode of The Highland Woodworker or also checkout my own conversation with Don and Narayan (including the several different ways I mispronounce Narayan’s name during the interview) by visiting episode 532 of my show by clicking here.

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