The key to better cuts?

November 3, 20140 Comments

Over the years I’ve had my fair share of miscuts, frequently they’ve been off by just a hair, but it’s not unusual to have had a few that made me want to throw the board across the room and flip the saw in some sort of Hulk-like rage.

3 easy steps

Image courtesy M&M Tool Parts

Inevitably the mistake was a result of my own inattentiveness, either I was rushing through my prep work or I completely ignored my own markings. Either way the result was the same, more work to make up for the mistake.

At the end of September M&M Tool Parts posted an article by Mallory Kramer titled “Three Easy Ways to Achieve More Accurate Cuts.”

It’s a short and sweet post pointing out some pretty obvious steps to achieve better cuts. Tips that seem like a no-brainer, until you realize you probably haven’t been doing them. But once you try them, you’ll probably never stop. Huge thanks to Mallory and M&M Tool Parts for sharing!

Do you have any tips or suggestions to add to Mallory’s? Share them here, we’d all love to learn how to make accurate cuts the first time.

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