The safety razor option

November 25, 20141 Comment

I like to think after watching my video on making a custom razor, in honor of the end of Movember, you’re all so inspired to make one that you can’t imagine there being another option. But in fact, there’s always options, and I’m a huge fan of OPTIONS!

safety razor

Safety first!

So here’s another version for you, this time with a safety razor head versus the cartridge style (at least that’s what I call it) like the one I built. In fact, this style of razor head looks very cool and I just may need to make one, because I can, and I have plenty of scraps and cutoffs to play with.

Huge thanks to Brandon over at the Weekend Wood Dust YouTube channel for sharing!

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  1. Tamim Nezami says:

    Been using one of these for years. You simply cannot beat the shave and the price. Most people refer to it as a double edge or “DE” razor.

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