“The Trade of the Joiner” from Finn Yarbrough

July 1, 2014

A big project around the house that I’ve been putting off for a little too long is some badly needed window repair. Nothing major, just a little cosmetic repair.

windows needing repair

Yeah window repair!

In fact, completing this project should be motivation to save up the money and buy modern replacement windows. But for the time being, I’ll continue to buy a tub of glazing compound, scrape away the old and keep these clunky old wood frame monsters in working condition for now.

As I work on these I keep imagining the craftsman who originally made them. Working hard at their bench, cutting all the parts and joinery for each pane of glass, then assembling each just in time for the carpenter to pick up and bring to the job-site for installation.

Then, just before I finish the last pane on the current window, I remember these were factory-made and I’m thinking of this video instead…

The Trade of the Joiner from Finn Yarbrough on Vimeo.


The beautiful traditional art of joinery, brought to life in the construction of a sash window frame from raw pine boards through completion using only hand tools.

Commissioned by the Arnold Zlotoff Tool Museum in South Hero, VT and featuring joiner Ted Ingraham.

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