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December 16, 2011

I was really hoping to avoid it’s return, but it was inevitable. So here it goes…I’m turning the ads back on for ALL of my embedded videos here at the website. I really hoped saying it out loud would make it easier but the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t.

Many of you have expressed your dislike for the advertising that plays before the videos start, but the time has come again to turn them back on. Why?

Unfortunately there’s a number of reasons. But the one that’s finally propelled me to make this decision was some nudging from our hosting service. In a nutshell here’s some background information for you.

Matt’s Basement Workshop will have been around for 6 years at the end of January, 2012. In those 6 years we posted quite a few episodes, many of which are videos.

While I don’t deal in millions of downloads, the several thousand monthly downloads would require a dedicated server and bandwidth which I don’t know how I could pay for.

We have advertisers and sponsors, but that income pretty much pays for postage, occasionally hosing fees for the website and a latte or two. Definitely not enough for me to quit my day job, let alone have my own IT department.

Since year one, all of my videos have been hosted at It’s a great service for a number of reasons, no. 1 they’re free and no. 2 they’re embeddable video player is one of the easiest to use. does offer a pro service that’s relatively inexpensive and in return content producers get a few extra perks. I signed up for it years ago because the perks were nice but I also wanted to help support them so I could keep hosting my content there.

Given the pro account costs $8/month and hasn’t increased in all this time it only made sense their business model would eventually include advertising to help pay the bills. The advertising has always been an option content producers can opt out of, but for those who do say yes, it’s typically a 50/50 split of the ad revenue.

I tried it before, you hated it, I removed it (actually I hated it too, they can be very disruptive and usually have nothing to do with woodworking) and quite honestly the amount of money I was receiving wasn’t worth the hassle.

But recently I had a conversation with the hosting service and after some consideration it only makes sense that in order to continue providing free videos for my audience I might need to turn the ads back on so they can afford to continue making improvements on their end.

I hope you can understand this isn’t an easy decision to make. I’ve had advertising offers before for services and items that have nothing to do with woodworking, and as tempting as they were, I didn’t want to burden ourselves with things that aren’t woodworking.

I can say for those of you who really hate the idea of sitting through these ad spots to watch the video. The easiest way to avoid them is to download the episodes to your computer. Downloaded videos, either directly from the website or through a subscription somewhere like iTunes, don’t have the ads that will be playing in the embedded video player.

It costs nothing to subscribe, and they’re available to you as soon as they’re released. If you don’t know how to subscribe or want more information, just email me and I’ll be glad to help.

If there is one upside to this, the small revenue from the ad spots not only pays for the hosting service, but it could also help to pay for a new camera that I’ve been meaning to ask you about helping me to raise money for.

But I’ll save that talk for the beginning of 2012…

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  1. Robert W says:

    Whether people like it or not, no one can deny the amount of content that you supply at no cost to viewers whatsoever. If ads are necessary, I think it is a small thing to ask that people be understanding about it given the amount of content and the quality of that content available to them for free. The fact that you even pointed out a way to get the videos without ads just shows your dedication to providing great content in a number of different ways so people can decide how they want to consume the information. Thanks for all you do Matt, and I for one will continue to watch your videos even if I do have to sit through an ad.

  2. Jim B says:

    No worries Matt. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, er, WW video.

  3. There is no free lunch Matt. The ads don’t run as long as your videos so I can live with that.

  4. nateswoodworks says:

    I agree, no big deal. If it makes things easier on your end or just gives you the feeling that you are giving back to your hosting provider-go for it. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  5. Bob says:

    Hey, if it helps you to keep on cranking out the wood working videos, then let the ads come.

  6. Rob Porcaro says:

    Hi Matt,

    As a fellow woodworking blogger, you have my enthusiastic support. Hey, nothing is free, it’s only a question of who is paying. You put up useful, high quality content and the ads are a small “price” for a freely choosing consumer to pay.

    Keep up the good work, Matt!


  7. Bob Rankin says:

    Hey Matt, I don’t care about ads just do what you gotta do to keep up the great content coming. What camera are you eyeing?

    • Matt says:


      I’ll have to find a link to it at B&H Photo, but essentially the model is more or less a new version, with a few more bells and whistles, of the existing Canon Vixia HF-100 I’m using to film right now.

      Much nicer lens and multiple card slots for quick switching during filming. Nothing is worse than filming a long segment only to have the last 30 seconds not happen because the only card in the camera is full LOL.

  8. RavinHeart says:

    Matt, it comes down to the content is FREE, if there are ads and if someone is bothered that much … maybe they can offer to pay for the hosting fees then … If not, guess they will just have to deal with it. Like I and many others have said, it’s a virtual “cornucopia” of free content, a few ads make no difference. Post on 🙂

  9. Matt Hartley says:

    I agree, if ads are required to keep the content free, then it is as it is… it is not as though all other sites have ads before their video’s

    keep up the great work Matt

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