Tool Basics for Getting Started in Woodworking DVD

May 28, 20132 Comments

While I’m wrapping up the final editing on part 2 of the Teak Shoe Rack I keep thinking about other projects that are just as quick and easy to build. The nice thing about this project was that I really didn’t very many tools to complete it. In fact, it’s the kind of project that someone with a handful of basic tools could do just as easily.

It reminds me a lot of some of the projects from Popular Woodworking’s “I Can Do That!” series. If you’re not familiar with the series of projects, checkout the DVD “Tool Basics for Getting Started in Woodworking” at Shop Woodworking

PWW Starter book
According to the description you’ll find all the following:

Tool Basics for Getting Started in Woodworking DVD introduces you to all the tools in the Popular Woodworking Magazine “I Can Do That!” series. This popular series is made up of articles featuring projects that you can complete in less than two days of shop time, whatever your skill level, using common materials from your local home center.

Megan Fitzpatrick, managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, helps you choose the right tools for your shop and budget. Then she walks you through the set up and use of all types of tools, including measuring tools, awls, files, routers, block planes, in this insightful and entertaining DVD. Plus, you’ll learn the tools and techniques for:

      Marking and measuring

Last but certainly not least, this DVD includes three FREE projects – Victorian side table, Shaker step stool and a tool tote.

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  1. Larry Thayer says:

    I’ve never seen anyone use a finger or thumb so close to the blade before. I’m not sure about that. It seems like there would be several other ways to guide the saw accurately and safely. Am I wrong? Is that the way I should have been doing it all along?

    • Matt says:

      I don’t think it’s wrong or right, but I can definitely see how it can help in guiding the saw. I can say for certain I’ve found myself doing something very similar at some point.

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