Tried and True Half-Blind Dovetail Technique

December 7, 2012

Did I mention anything about how unhappy I was with the alternate half-blind dovetail technique I demonstrated in the latest video?

Yeah, I probably have talked about it a little more than I should have, but I didn’t want anyone to get the idea that I endorse that technique. So here’s a bonus video this week – My old tried and true half-blind dovetail technique.

To get the job done, it simply involves a dovetail saw, a couple of chisels and that’s it nothing more!

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  1. tom says:

    i noticed quite a bit of movement when you were working at your bench, do you have any plans on a bench build or bench improvements?

    • Matt says:

      Yes, I’ve had the stock for awhile now, I just seem to always find something else to get in the way. The main plan is a new bench top and eventually replacing the base.

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