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September 6, 20112 Comments

The end of summer means only one thing here in the Vanderlist household…BACK TO SCHOOL!!! And back to school doesn’t just apply to the kids. The cooler weather ahead tends to drive us in doors and that’s the perfect place to sit back and watch a couple of new DVD titles being released this week by Hendrik Varju of Passion for Wood.

If you’re not familiar with Hendrik already, you can take a listen to several of the episodes we recorded here previously. He’s a great teacher, an amazing craftsman and someone who is extremely detail oriented. All things that add up to the most information filled DVDs you’ll ever own.

The first of the two new DVDs being released is “Using and Tuning Your Bandsaw”.

In this must-have video, you will learn:

* how to choose a bandsaw, if you don’t already own one or are considering an upgrade
* how to inspect your bandsaw and find defects that are affecting its performance
* all about machinery component upgrades so that you can make your bandsaw perform better than how it was delivered from the factory
* how to fine tune the various components of your bandsaw to squeeze the best performance possible out of your machine
* how to properly tension a blade and track it
* how to properly set up the thrust bearings and guide blocks to ensure accurate and consistent cuts
* all about the various blades you can choose and how they will perform for regular cutting, resawing and curve cutting
* how to fold a bandsaw blade without losing five layers of skin in the process
* how to rip both rough stock and previously milled stock
* how to crosscut accurately using a mitre gauge
* how to resaw thick stock successfully and safely
* how to cut curves free-hand
* how to handle both inside and outside curves, and when to use relief cuts
* how to cut and then sand perfect circles using a simple jig you can build in minutes
* how to use your bandsaw to cut fine joinery and how to adjust the joinery for a finer fit
* all about templates and how they are used to make curved furniture parts
* about some of the tools used to draw curves on template stock
* how to draw on your template stock and cut just outside the lines with your bandsaw
* how to sand the template edges to perfection using a drum sander on a drill press and some careful hand sanding

The second new DVD being released is “Using Your Router and Router Table Safely”.

In this must-have video, you will learn:

* about the router features you should look for when purchasing a router
* about the router table features that are important, allowing you to make a good purchasing decision or even build your own
* about the most commonly used router bits and what they are used for
* how to rout edge treatments both by hand-held router and on a router table
* about the dangers of end grain routing and how to limit your risk
* all about tear-out with a router – how to predict it and prevent it
* how to prevent your router from burning your project
* how to rout rabbets, dados and grooves, both by hand-held router and on a router table
* how to use an edge-guide
* how to use simple woodworking jigs to improve your accuracy
* how to make plunge cuts, both by hand-held router and on a router table
* all about a single-point fence and how to use it
* all about climb cutting – when to do it and how to limit the safety risks
* how to properly rout with templates using a hand-held router
* how to safely rout with templates on a router table

To find out more about each of these great new titles, whether it’s to watch the preview clips, download a PDF of the table of contents and of course to ORDER one or both of the DVDs visit Hendrik’s DVD webpage at

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  1. Milan Adam says:


    These look extremely informative, and Hendrik looks like he can do almost anything. I picked up his “Surface preparation and staining” one when I was redoing my kitchen and wanted to get some expert advice and was not disappointed. He’s a great expert to recommend and his DVDs are excellent quality, hopefully I get a chance to pick these up too. You’re right about the weather, it definitely does push us indoors.


  2. Torben says:

    I just ordered 4 of his DVD sets about a week ago and as all his DVDs came out in September, I wondered if we would release two new DVD sets this year as well. I was really hoping for a router DVD from Hendrik … and here it is. Well … I guess I have to wait and see what Santa will bring me this year 🙂


    P.S.: I am really hoping for new episodes with Hendrik. I am still working my way through all the MBW episodes and was looking for Hendrik episodes the other day, because I really enjoy them (entertaining AND very informative) and could not find anything past episode 470 (November 2010). With the two new DVD sets out, wouldn’t this be a good opportunity to bring him back? 😉

    Bye the way: Thank you, Matt, for your huge commitment over the years and the huge collection of material you offer to fellow woodworkers. Your podcast has really helped me a lot.

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