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July 16, 20152 Comments

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Occasionally I get a little behind on website maintenance and then things tend to slide.

It’s never a good habit to have, so recently I’ve been doing what I can to get caught up.

Unfortunately one of those things was the affiliate links and support page, and considering affiliate links are an easy way for visitors and friends of the show to help support it, I really kind of dropped the ball!

So the good news is, with this recent round of updates the links are once again current, and should be working with almost all of the latest versions of the most popular computer operating systems.

And while I was updating the old codes and links, I added a few new ones, specifically to our digital downloads store where you can some great items specially designed for fans of Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast.

It’s easier than ever to navigate to the affiliate links and support page by clicking on the “How to support the show” tab at the top of every page, or by saving the following URL in your favorite browser – http://mattsbasementworkshop.com/support-the-show.

Or just save this post somewhere since I’m including all of the links here too!

Amazon.com US

Amazon – Canada

Amazon – UK

Highland Woodworking
Highland Woodworking

Shop Woodworking Bookstore

Join the Woodwhisperer Guild

Please remember that in order to track your purchases, and guarantee the show will receive a commission, you need to allow “cookies” to be installed on your device. This way when you click through the links here on the website they’ll know who sent you.

And don’t forget, when you purchase something for yourself, you’re also helping the show while getting exactly what you wanted in the first place!

Thanks for all your support, I really appreciate it!

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  1. Bob DV says:


    I’m a Amazon Prime member and use it quite a bit. Does it work if I get to Amazon via your affiliate page and then book mark it? It’s not that I don’t absolutely LOVE your site, I just don’t need to always go there first before shopping. That is what I have done but am not sure it works.


    • Matt says:

      Hey Bob thanks for asking! Last time I checked the cookies were good for up to 30 days so my understanding is that as long as you click on my link once in awhile to go there, it shouldn’t matter if you use your own bookmarked link or my ad, it should still count.

      Either way, I appreciate the fact you’d think of me lol!

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