Video of the week – “There’s No Place Like Here: Liberty Tool”

August 15, 2013

I’ve decided that the occasional bout of woodworking burnout I’m faced with has less to do with a waning interest in the hobby and more to do with a lack of inspiration. And since inspiration can come from all sorts of places, I figured I’d turn to the one place I know pretty well…the Internet.

If you type “woodworking” into just about any search engine you’ll get a plethora of options. If you type in “woodworking video”, it’ll narrow down the search but can still leave you a little overwhelmed.

A resource I recently REdiscovered for amazing videos involving woodworking is While there’s plenty of great videos at YouTube (obviously I’m fond of them) the videos I’ve been discovering at Vimeo are really at a level of filming, editing and overall production that put’s them on a different level.

The topics are often centered around a crafts person or product, but if you can look past the “subtle” sales pitch, there’s plenty of things to be inspired by in the video.

I’ve earmarked a few that I want to share from time to time. There’s no push on my part to buy anything, or suggestions to visit their stores or sites if they have one. I’m just sharing a few videos that caught my eye and may have lit a fire in my heart to get in the basement workshop and build a project or two. I hope you enjoy them!

This week let’s visit a little shop known as Liberty Tool:

There’s No Place Like Here: Liberty Tool from Etsy on Vimeo.

“H.G. Skip Brack salvages tools from all over New England to resell at affordable prices, in an effort to support his local economy and craftsmen.”

Read the Etsy blog post:
Music: Industries of the Blind

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  1. Mark Loughran says:

    Thanks for sharing this video Matt!! Its a really nice film. Wish that was near to me, I could spend days in there looking around 🙂

    • Matt says:

      I expect that I would immediately become paralyzed with an overwhelming need to touch everything and then spend too much time trying to contact Shannon Rogers and ask if I really need one and why?

  2. I live about 90 minutes from Liberty Tool. It’s this shop in an old house in the middle of nowhere here in Maine, and it’s packed with every tool you can think of, except The top floor, which is essentially antiques. That video is what got me up there. If you ever get up here to Maine, go there for sure.

  3. JSH says:

    Thanks for the link. Awesome!

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