Weekend with WOOD 2013 – Gary Rogowski

June 24, 2013

Another trip back to Des Moines, Iowa this week. The Weekend with WOOD conference was a wealth of information for all the attendees, especially myself.

High on my list of classes were anything that had to do with finishing. When I saw Gary Rogowski was to be teaching a finishing class I knew I had to sign-up.

Today’s snippets are all from Gary’s “Three Simple Finishes” class on Saturday morning and as I mention in the video, there were plenty of moments where I was so wrapped up in the discussions that I forgot to film some of the best information.

Thanks again to the folks at WOOD Magazine and especially to Gary Rogowski for the experience! For more from the folks at WOOD Magazine visit www.woodmagazine.com. For more from Gary Rogowski visit The Northwest Woodworking Studio – www.northwestwoodworking.com.

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  1. Larry Queen says:

    Hi Matt – Enjoyed your video with Gary Rogowski on Three simple finishes from the Weekend with Wood.
    Good information.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks Larry! I wish I could’ve shared more…but like I said, I just really got wrapped up in the lessons LOL.

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