Weekend with WOOD – The Jim Heavey Experience

June 12, 2013

My entire first day of the Weekend with WOOD conference was spent with Jim Heavey in the finishing room.

I learned so much about finishing I COULD KISS JIM!!!

I learned so much about finishing I COULD KISS JIM!!!

Jim taught 3 classes that day – the first was “Spray Finishing Made Simple”, the second was “Choose and Use the Best Topcoat for Your Project” and the third was “Finishing Your Finish”.

Today’s footage is all from the “Spray Finishing Made Simple” class. This was one that was very important to me as spray finishing is very intimidating. But after watching Jim and realizing it was far more simple than I ever thought I feel confident I can easily handle it.

Thanks Jim!!!

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  1. wilbur says:

    Hi Matt,

    Like you, my shop is in the basement. (Great minds obviously think alike.) And I’ve seen enough spray finishing demos to know that I could benefit from a spray system. But it’s also clear from the video that you need good ventilation. Did Jim cover or do you have any idea how to deal with a spray finish system in a basement workshop without ventilation?

    • Matt says:

      Hey Wilbur,

      Apparently Jim does all of his spray finishing outside or at least in a barn with the doors open.

      I really wish there was an indoor option that didn’t include a full-on spray booth with massive ventilation.

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