What’s Up With The Feeds?

February 9, 2011

If you’ve noticed there’s a little something weird happening with the various feeds for the show, most recently the Audio Only feed, that’s because I’ve been trying to tweak them to ensure there’s no disruption in service.

In case you’re not familiar with how RSS works, (that’s the little software that works with your podcatcher or blog reader so it knows when there’s something new out) there’s a file that contains all the information about the blog or podcast you want to subscribe too. Depending on how often or how long the producer of that content has been putting posts out determines how many posts/episodes are available for download.

This little, hidden file can grow and grow and grow. But once it hit’s a certain size, it’s too large for many readers to handle. So the show simply stops downloading new content. And that’s usually when I start noticing a drop in my stats, I think all of you hate me, I cry over my Grande Skinny Carmel Macchiato with no-fat whip cream and multi-color sprinkles (OK…real whip-cream, who am I kidding?).

Anyways…so to cut to the chase, if you’ve noticed your feeds from my show are acting a little wonky lately, bare with me for just a pinch longer. I think I have the majority of the tweaking taken care of and we’re returning to normal very soon. I promise!

In the meantime, checkout this article I just received notice of the other day. Apparently the folks over at Woodworkweb.com thought the Spoken Wood Podcast was so cool, they included it in their list of 8 Great Free Woodworking Podcasts and Videocasts. Thank you, I really appreciate the honor!

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  1. Davidaj says:

    Matt, Sorry to hear about the wonky feeds. I must agree Im with you on the real whipping cream, go big or go home

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