Winner of the new Dennis Zongker Box Building Book is….

October 15, 2013

Congrats to Jason Reis!

Jason is the lucky winner of a copy of the new Dennis Zongker title from Taunton Press “Wooden Boxes: skill-building techniques for seven unique projects”.

Wooden box book cover

Jason submitted the following pictures and story as his entry in the contest:

“Well it might be small but I bet none of the other boxes took this long to come about or caused this much excitement and screaming. For ten years now I have been fortunate enough to be with my wonderful wife. She and I have had some great times together as a family. She always asked for jewelry every chance she could but very rarely ever got any, certainly nothing like what she was surprised with. Now being a woodworker and trim carpenter when I picked out the ear rings for her I knew I needed a cool way to present them. So I decided to make a custom little jewelry box for them. Some curly Maple, Bubinga, and ebony ascents got laid together. While the project was little and quick (which it needed to be to keep it a secret) it was a blast making, so much so I actually built two! The display support that holds the ear rings is made of 10 lines of ebony separated with maple representing the 10 years of our marriage.

Making it was a lot of fun too. I use a combination of power tools and hand tools. The maple came from a 12/4 piece that was resawn and put through the planer on a platen. I jointed it with a hand plane and cleaned the faces with a scraper card. The table saw cut it to width so I could glue in the ebony. After a day of glue drying I went back and put in the dados. At that point I applied a spray lacquer finish from a simple rattle can of Deft. The miter saw cut the corners. I paste waxed where I didn’t want to glue to be a problem and used the packing tape trick for clamping. Then once all the glue was dried I carefully passed it over the table saw one last time to open the box up and give it its mating rabbit. A good polish of wax at the end made it as beautiful as the girl who would receive it. I do want to learn a bit more about do inlays and working with curves. Perhaps for the 20 year I can make her another 😉

Jason's box 1

Jason Reis box 2

Jason Reis box 3

Congrats Jason! I hope you enjoy your copy of Dennis’ book and are inspired to take the opportunity to build one of the amazing boxes you’ll find inside its covers.

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  1. Dennis Zongker says:

    Congratulations Jason! I enjoyed reading the meaning behind your boxes you made for your wife. They turned out very nice. I hope you find helpful information in the book. Thank you for sharing your work.

    I also would like to thank Matt for all your support, time and effort you have put into promoting my book. I would also like to thank everyone that has entered in the contest.

    Best Wishes,

    Dennis Zongker

  2. Robert says:

    Hi Matt,

    I was looking for a gift for my dad and I came across your recommendation for this book for building boxes here. These boxes look amazing, and my dad loves making them, however he is really good at make rectangles and squares. Do you think at his level of woodworking which is about an intermediate, this book is appropriate for him?


    • Matt says:

      Hey Robert,

      The really nice thing about this book is that Dennis has loaded it with a ton of information for woodworkers who might even have just a little bit of experience.

      I don’t know when I’ll get around to making these, but the inspiration and tips is great. There’s easily enough information in each chapter that your dad might find some ideas to borrow for even some of those basic boxes.

      I know I have.

      Hope this helps!

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