Winter Festival at Highland Woodworking?

January 6, 2011

With the holidays now behind us it seems like the only thing to look forward to is the warm days of spring. That is of course unless you have other great events to take your mind off the long cold days of winter. One such event to mark on your calendar is Highland Woodworking’s WINTER TOOL FESTIVAL & ONE DAY SALE!

If you can make your way to Highland Woodworking’s Atlanta store Saturday, Jan. 29 from 9 AM to 6 PM you’ll find Lie-Nielsen senior instructor Deneb Puchalski will be at the workbench throughout the day demonstrating all of the Lie-Nielsen hand tools carried by Highland.

Along with Deneb a number of our other vendors will also be on hand giving entertaining and informative live demonstrations including the famous SawStop hotdog demo twice during the day, at 11 AM and 2 PM. Anyone remember Roy Underhill’s demonstration recently at Highland?

Then the following day on Jan. 30 Deneb will be teaching a one day course Sharpening & Using Hand Planes. It’s a great seminar on getting the most out of your hand planes. For more information, including to sign up for the class visit

Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter where you’ll find information this event and so much more, including their entire class line up each month. CLICK HERE to sign up today.

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  1. Bill Akins says:

    I was there when St. Roy was. I spent the morning watching him, taking pictures and videos, even have a picture of Roy and I together (hanging in the shop of course). I had just finished checking out with my order of various turning supplies and a sliding compound miter saw when they announced the saw stop demo. My son asked if we were going to watch it and I said nahh, I’ve seen it a dozen times already. I wanted to go set up my new saw. Later I realized that I had missed the best saw stop demo ever!

    • Matt says:

      Oh NO!!! I’ve had a few of those moments where I wish I had stayed just a pinch longer to witness something people talk about later LOL!

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