Winter is no time for a dusty shop!

January 19, 2012

Winter is well underway and now that the threat of being snowed in for a few days is a reality, I start thinking more and more about spending quality time in the shop. Especially considering the furnace is smack dab in the middle of mine, it IS the warmest place in the house

Of course the one obvious problem with a furnace in the middle of your shop is making sure you have adequate dust collection on your tools. Since the tool budget here at Matt’s Basement Workshop is almost nil (let’s get serious, if it wasn’t for Highland Woodworking’s sponsorship I’d probably still be using a steak knife to cut my lumber) rather than stealing tools to show you what’s new and exciting I’m just going to borrow footage from my friends over at

Recently the guys posted a review of the JET 708626CK DC-1100CK 1-1/2-Horsepower 1,100 CFM Canister Dust Collector
. With it’s powerful suction and ease of bag removal for throwing away dust and chips, it’s just the kind of tool you want around to help keep the air clean…in the shop and out.

For more great reviews (and I plan to cross post more of these) visit today.

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