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Wood Talk No. 115 “Pee on your projects”

January 3, 20130 Comments

On today’s show, we’re talking about trouble with honing guides, troubleshooting a water-based finishing problem, and wood shop attire.

Wood Talk
What’s on the bench?

  • Shannon is doing a creepy install in a creepy church and also finished up a quick serving tray thing.
  • Matt had a visit from Andy Chidwick as part of his Sawdust Tour 2013.
  • Marc tried using white vinegar to clean up epoxy with great success. He also had some issues gluing up a very long bevel.

Around the Web


  • Alex is looking to purchase a bandsaw and a jointer and needs some advice.


  • Jason wants to know how to get a Robert Larson honing guide to work with tapered chisels. Shannon recommends he watch this Lie-Nielsen video. Marc highly recommends the Veritas MKII.
  • Matt wants to know how to fix his streaky water-based finish.
  • Daniel wants our recommendations on shop attire.

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