Wood Talk No. 117 “Shop Cat!”

January 17, 2013

On today’s show, we’re talking about problems with cat poop, picking the right joint for the job, and some listener feedback on jointer blade sharpening and buying used bandsaws.

Wood Talk
What’s on the bench?

  • Shannon is starting a new drop-leaf table project and just finished up his creepy church project.
  • Matt is finally using his lathe and made something round that was previously square! Marc recommends he try Easy Wood Tools.
  • Marc is spending time with a wig, lingerie, and some lipstick. He also finished the platform bed and plans on delivering it this Friday.


  • Jonathan wants to know what we do to get dust off our projects before finishing.
  • Wilbur called in to give Alex from Episode #115 some advice on buying used bandsaws.


  • Philip wrote in to tell us about a cool jig to help with sharpening jointer knives.
  • Kenny wants to know how we determine what type of joinery to use when designing a piece of furniture.

    Matt recommends Classic Joints with Power Tools by Yeung Chan. Marc recommends Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery by Gary Rogowski. Shannon recommends American Period Furniture by Jeffrey Greene.

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