Wood Talk No. 119 “What Glen Huey Always Says”

January 31, 2013

On today’s show, we’re talking about cherry for a desktop, the ruler trick, stationary sander options, cabinet scrapers vs scraper planes, finishing suggestions for cherry, getting a grippy finish on a fish net, is a ClearVue Cyclone a good idea in a small shop, and special guest J. Leko is here to tell us more about his Kickstarter campaign that we so elegantly took a crap on last week.

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  • Paul wants to know if we think cherry is durable enough for a desk top.
  • Jim wants our opinion on David Charlesworth’s “ruler trick.”
  • Nate wants our thoughts on vertical/horizontal belt sanders vs disc sanders as well as scraper planes vs cabinet scrapers.
  • Greg is looking for the perfect finish for his Weekend Wall Shelf.
  • Jeff is looking to make his finish a little more grippy, because he’s working on a fishing net.
  • Michael has a fairly small shop and wants to know if a ClearVue Cyclone is the right choice.

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