Wood Talk No. 120

February 6, 2013

On today’s show, we’re celebrating Get Woodworking Week with an all email episode! Topics will cover everything from finishing to hand saws to rust prevention, to sanding.

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  • Pug asks “I was wondering if you could talk about planes for hollows and rounds. What sizes are “common”? What is a good brand to buy?”
  • Larry is concerned about rust prevention in his unheated pole bar, considering the tools keep getting covered in rust between uses.
  • Everett brags about his tool cleaning and rust prevention method.
  • Ákos Kerékgyártó, a bowyer from Hungary, asks how to stain veneer (1.5 mm thick ashwood) completely, not just on the surface so he can do something similar to what he saw at www.rosewoodarchery.com
  • Chris is concerned about using his bench grinder and taking the temper out of the steel.
  • Darryl has a Delta TP305 thickness planer that is not cutting parallel to the bed.
  • Will is asking about purchasing a set of backsaws (preferably a matched set so as to not set off his OCD)
  • Walter asks about sanding plywood and how do you determine the starting grit? Is it different for baltic ply vs a more expensive grade like a cherry veneer plywood?
  • Jack wonders about our techniques for tensioning a bandsaw blade and whether we’re musically inclined enough for the JP Thien method?
  • Larry has a number of questions starting with SawStop Zero-clearance inserts, to a stumper about his Record 53-1/2 Vise getting stuck
  • Jim is looking for opinions between the Festool and Dewalt track saws.

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