Wood Talk No. 121

February 21, 2013

On today’s show, we’re talking about saw handle angles, traveling for wood, using a Stanley #6 as a jointer plane, the Hock Block Plane Kit, and an HVLP-applied finish for a crib.

Wood Talk

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  • Bob from San Diego asks about Hand Saw handle angles.


  • Brian asks “…Does size really matter?” Actually Brian’s question was “I was recently given a Stanley No. 6 plane. Can this plane be used as a jointer plane. The plane is 18″ long. Is this long enough or does it need to be over 20″ long to be used as a jointer…”
  • Anonymous asks “I was intrigued by the Hock Plane kit that Matt built, checked out the videos on how to build it, checked out Hock’s site etc. It looks like a great little project. Now that you have had this plane for a while, do you use it? Is it a go-to plane or is it just a nice keepsake? www.hocktools.com
  • Michael asks “I am currently working on a mahogany crib made of mahogany for my fist kid. I am using GF mahogany oil-based stain to achieve the color my wife is looking for. I typically wipe on 3 to 4 coats of Arm-R-Seal and call it a day. But because this crib is massive and has lots of slats I was thinking of using my Rockler HVLP gun instead. My question is what kind of durable spray finish do you guys recommend using on a project like this?”

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