Wood Talk No. 122

February 27, 2013

On today’s show, we’re talking about tiny router bit screws, the effect of sites like Pinterest, wet-sanding shellac, mortising into the end of a dowel, dado blade recommendations, the purpose of the nicker, CNC in the small shop, and way to encourage finish to dry faster.

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  • Roberto asks about a resource for replacement router bit bearing screws.
  • Bob asks about Pintrest and woodworking.
  • Cliff asks about final wet-sanding for Shellac and mortise in dowels.


  • Robert asks “I’m looking for a nicer dado set for the table saw. I’m tired of cutting dados that aren’t perfectly flat and square. What dado set brand would you recommend that makes router quality dados? “
  • John asks “I recently picked up a Lie-Nielsen Rabbet Block Plane and I LOVE it. The description says it is a “Rabbet Block Plan with Nicker”. To my knowledge, a nicker is a noise that a horse makes…While I realize this may be a goofy question, I have no idea what a nicker is or how a a part of a plane came to have this name. Any ideas?”
  • Lawrence asks “You three obviously have a very solid grip on hand tool, hobbyist, hybrid, and professional shop woodworking but I was just curious that with the influx of shop level CNC machines and their decreasing sizes and price tags, if any of you have seriously considered using one in your shops. I love mine and the only negative I can think of is that it can “take over” my hobby in a similar way to the woodturning “vortex” (which I’ve also experienced).”
  • Kurt asks “What tricks to you guys have to “encourage” a finish to cure faster? Over the holidays, I built a small box for practice and finished it with 2 coats of diluted Zinsser Shellac and 3 coats of full strength. There were 12 hours between each coat. After waiting 3 days – the finish seemed “soft” and my patience was wearing thin. I then had the “bright” idea to use my halogen work lights to help speed the curing process. I came back after 6 hours to discover my project had exploded. The shellac finish turned into a complete bubbled mess. I’ve got a warm basement workshop. It’s winter in Winnipeg – so humidity is sitting @ 35% in the shop. Is there another way to encourage my finish to cure faster?”

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