Wood Talk No. 123

March 6, 2013

On today’s show, we’re talking about fixing a bent hand saw, deciding what scrap to keep, working with pine, perfectly calibrated tools making imperfect cuts, our favorite finishes, and should woodworking be sexy?

Wood Talk

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  • Daniel asks “I’ve been building a lot lately to sell at a local flea market. Ive been using mostly pine to be able to keep prices low. I have had a huge problem with warping boards. Is there any way to counter this? I’ve heard Matt talk about using pine in projects before. Do you just buy the stuff from the hardware store or is there a better pine that is dried more thoroughly and is more stable?”


  • Darth Rust asks “While learning to use my back saw (well) I’ve noticed the plate has picked up a wave across it’s run. It’s a 3/32” ripple to only one side of the saw.. It all goes to one side and does not serpentine back and forth down the entire length, and the rest of the saw appears unaffected. How do I fix it and how can I prevent it from happening again?”
  • Robert asks “While rearranging my shop, I had to make decisions about the inordinate amount of scrap wood I have.  I needed the space so I threw it ALL away and decided I would define some personal criteria for keeping scrap but I don’t know what criteria to use.  How do you guys manage your scrap wood hoarding and what criteria do you use for keeping a piece of scrap (length, width, thickness, species?)”
  • Tom asks “I am perplexed by something going on with crosscuts on two different pieces of equipment. On my Dewalt chopsaw, which is dead square, when I put a square to it I can see slight gaps in one or maybe two places when I hold it up to a light. When I crosscut on my Sawstop, also dead square, I see even lesser of a gap, or no gap at all. I know, use the Sawstop. 🙂 Sometimes the square touches in the middle and you can see slight gaps on either edge. I am cutting hardwoods, like ash. Do you find that sawblades tend to flex when cutting at different speeds, different woods, and different thicknesses that could cause this?”
  • EJ asks “I have a few questions on finishing. As a general question what is your favorite type of finish and why? To be more specific I am refinishing some hand tools and wanted to know what type of finish you recommend for someone without a lot of finishing experience. For simplicity I was thinking oil and wax but I don’t really know where to start.”

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