Wood Talk No. 125

March 21, 2013

On today’s show, we’re talking about getting back into woodworking, channeling the Schwarz on pine, drying wood in Texas, and shipping furniture.

Wood Talk

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  • Ray – Getting back into woodworking.
  • No Name Mcgillacutty – Echoing some Schwarzian advice concerning pine.
  • Ernesto, Med Tech Woodworker – Advice on drying urban lumber? FWW Video “How to dry lumber”
  • Mr. Green – Shipping finished furniture


  • Sandhill Bill “I just discovered your podcasts a week or so ago. Today I was listening while sharpening my chisels and you asked “doesn’t anyone play shuffleboard anymore?” This guy does. I made this 14 foot table from shop scraps a few winters ago.”

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