Wood Talk No. 127

April 3, 2013

On today’s show, we’re celebrating 6 years of Wood Talk, by doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary! Today we’re talking about circular saw blades, liability insurance, cutting face frames without big tools, upgrading your chisels, planing thin stock, choosing a shop space, creating stopped dados with hand tools, and applying Arm R Seal over newly stained wood.

Wood Talk

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Stefan sent in a follow up comment to our discussion about master woodworkers and titles from last week:

“That’s how I earned my master degree: 3 years as apprentice, 3 years as “Geselle”(no english word found). 1 year master school, ending in theoretical and manual (skill) tests, with the grand finale, designing, calculating (cost, material and time) and manufacturing of the masterpiece. Now I was allowed to carry the title master and got a nice document to hang on the wall.I thought you are interested, how its handled in other countries, in this case Germany.
Living now in Los Angeles and struggling with the language I listen and learn a lot from you guys.”

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