Wood Talk No. 137

June 20, 2013

On today’s show, we’re talking about choosing between the router plane and rabbeting block plane, areas of woodworking where it’s OK skimp, burnishing scraper planes.
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  • A Jeremy HopkinsShannon in 131 stated that, in regards to the design of the shelves looking clunky, to pull out a full sheet of plywood and draw it on there. For Shame! Wasteful to use a full sheet of plywood, when everybody has that roll of craft paper nobody knows what to do with.
  • A Jeremy HopkinsWith the growth of urban chicken farmers (yes, I’m serious), more people will be looking for something to use for bedding. If you can find someone who is either selling coops, chickens, or feed, see if they will allow you to post a flyer or notice that you have sawdust for sale. There’s also those wood burning stoves that run on pellets. You might also want to check with a couple local Scout Troops (or district headquarters) to see if anybody needs sawdust supplies to make their own firestarters, which is an easy and fun meeting to hold. (Imagine all those 9 year olds melting wax.)
  • StuFeedback on show No. 65 Marple Chisels vs new Irwin versions


I have $200 to spend. I want something for cleaning up joinery. Tenons cheeks and shoulders, primarily. I’m considering the LN rabbeting block plane and LN router plane. I could also use a nice block plane, so I’m leaning towards the rabbiting block plane. What should I get, and why?Chris

As a young woodworker without much disposable income its hard to just buy whatever tools or shop supplies i want. As i was also taught from a young age, its not worth it to buy cheap tools. So i was just wondering where you think would be appropriate places to save money, where i definitely should not skip out on quality and things i could completely get around needing in the first place. This question includes tools, shop supplies, lumber etc, wherever you guys find good ways to save a buck.Miles

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