Wood Talk No. 139

July 10, 2013

On today’s show, we’re talking about expansion differences between hardwood and softwood, resaw alternatives to the bandsaw, and the difference between parallelogram and dovetail way jointers.

Allie wants to wish Michael Binkley of Nashville a happy birthday. They are also getting married soon and she thought this would be a cool/unique gift!!!

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  • Working on a friction fit drawers project in crazy summer humidity and wondered: Do softwoods expand and contract more than hardwoods in humid/dry environments? — Jeremy
  • I picked up about 10 board feet (approx 7-8 inches wide) of zebrawood and I want to resaw it into 1/4 inch thick boards to extend it’s usefulness. I want to make edge-glued panels that I can glue onto a plywood substrate. Other than getting a nice bandsaw do you have any advice on what I can do? Either a different tool or setup, a jig, something with hand tools? I want to do this wood justice, and I don’t want to waste it either if I can avoid it. — James
  • I am planning on purchasing a jointer, and was wondering if you could explain the difference between a parallelogram jointer and the standard dovetail style. Is there a significant advantage to one over the other? The other question has to do with brand. The grizzly I am looking at is an 8″ and about half the price of a comparable powermatic or laguna. Do either of you know of any complaints about the grizzly? Money is not too big of a concern, however, the wife will feel better about me spending around $1000 than $2000. — Jacob

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