Wood Talk No. 143

August 7, 2013

On today’s show, we’re talking about milk paint, skill-building projects for hand tool woodworkers, and an interview with Matt Kenney from Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Wood Talk

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  • Jack “Regarding episode #143 rust spots, feedback, I was wondering if using something like ‘Naval Jelly’ would remove the spots? But make sure it is flushed and cleaned off, and re-oiled after using it.”
  • Earl“For the gentleman who is finishing the bookshelf with the live edge and cheese grating his foam brushes. If he does want to go to the expense of a HVLP sprayer he could purchase lacquers and polys in a spray can form.”


  • Nick“I have a question concerning milk paints. I am making bed for the family dog and per the request of my wife will be finishing it with milk paint. I am using some reclaimed pine that my hardwood supplier specializes in. My hardwood supplier was telling me that when he works with pine and milk paint he seals the pine with shellac before painting it. So I went ahead I applied on coat of dewaxed shellac (½ Lb. cut) and let it sit so when I got the paint the shellac would be good and cured. When I went to get the paint I noticed that one website recommends putting the paint on raw wood and if putting over an existing finish to use an additive, another site that I looked at said to just clean and sand the surface. Which process is correct? Does it really matter?”

    Thanks to Anne Thibeau President of The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. at www.milkpaint.com.

  • Ryan“I’m fairly new to woodworking and i tried the power tool route but my wife won’t put up with the noise so I’m trying the hand tool route. Can you recommend any relatively quick skill building type projects to improve my abilities and prove to the wife that I’m not just wasting time. Also do you have any recommendations on motivation, I suffer terribly from “paralysis from analysis.”

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