Wood Talk Online #41

September 7, 2008

Hey everyone Marc and I are back after an extended summer break.  And we just finished the latest episode of WTO.  Lot’s to talk about…

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Status Report:

Where have we been for nearly 2 months?!?!?! Marc gives a Gadget Station update and talks about the âproject humpâ. Matt announces that his next project will be a bedside table for Madison.

Around the Web:

Working Wood by Tom Fidgen
Upholstered Chair Project Video

Final Cut sawblades.
Amanaâs In-Tech router bits with replaceable cutterheads.

Steel City introduces spiral head lunchbox planer.
Auriou rasps back in business!

IWF Review- DeWalt TrackSaw, Delta Unisaw, General Internationalâs adjustable height bandsaw.
Intro to Spokeshaves – low-angle vs. standard – flat vs. round bottom

Tomâs Tip: Keeping the shop clean.

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