Wood Talk Online – Episode No. 43

October 6, 2008

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Status Report:

Marc has FINALLY finished the gadget station and plans on delivering it next week.  While in the area, he is also going to have a visit with the one and only David Marks.  Matt decided to rearrange his shop tools recently and is apparently going to start writing a new book entitled, "The Feng Shui Workshop".

Around the Web:

Check out Keith Cruickshank’s awesome videos at Woodtreks.com Popular Woodworking Magazine and Woodworking Magazine have had a little facelift recently.  FineWoodworking.com also seems to have had a few tweaks.


Don’t miss your chance to enter The Wood Talk Online Giveaway.  Lee Valley provided us with two of their new Skew Rabbet Planes and next week we will select two lucky winners.  Enter Here!


David has a good question concerning bandsaw blade width.

Tom’s Tip:

Tired of using guesswork every time you set up your dado stack? Tom has some advice.

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