Wood Talk Online No. 118

January 24, 2013

On today’s show, we’re talking about breaking down plywood, shapton glass stones, adapting festool hoses, some hand plane talk, and Kickstarter.

Wood Talk
What’s on the bench?

  • Shannon scrap wood chair?
  • Matt cold weather glue-up and Craigslist scammer buster?
  • Marc delivered bed, writing new book.

Poll of the Week
Do you like Red Oak?

  • 1000 votes
  • 40% – I use it for certain projects, but it’s not my first choice
  • 17% – It’s spiffy – I use it a lot
  • 16% – It’s been done to death – I’ll hold my nose and use it if I have to
  • 2.5% – The perfect hardwood – I build ALL my projects with it

Around the Web


  • Michael – breaking down plywood in a tight space


  • Steve Poetzl – is looking to get a set of Shapton Glass Stones and wonders “does one need the Glass Diamond Lapping Plate to keep them flat?”
  • David Ulschmid – offered a bit of useful information as a follow-up to last week’s question “How do I attach my Festool tools to another brand dust extractor?” Visit Mcfeely’s.
  • Ben Daigle – asks about choosing a block plane and maybe a bench plane too!

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