Wood Talk Online No. 42

September 26, 2008

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Status Report: Marc talks about his recent router table injury and his experiences with both the Laguna Resaw King bandsaw blade and the Final Cut tablesaw blade.

Matt just completed the chisel plane build and confessed that he purchase pre-made legs for an office desk. He is also continuing his experimentation with spokeshaves.

Around the Web: The all-wood X-Wing Fighter!

News: Rockler offers new cast iron router table. Sears offering Craftsman benchtop spindle sander that looks a lot like the Delta Boss unit. Lee Valley intros two new planes: Side Rabbet Plane and the Skew Rabbet Planes.

Voicemail: Roberto had a question concerning tablesaws with built-in router tables. Ray wanted our opinions on Gorilla Glue. Chris wanted advice on clamping straightedges and cutting large sheets of ply.

Tom’s Tip: Uh oh, you dropped some screws!!

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