Wood Talk Online No. 44

October 26, 2008
Status Report: 

Marc delivered the gadget station to Leo Laporte, and had a chance to visit David Marks while he was there.  While at Leo’s TWiT Cottage, Marc had a chance to meet Cali Lewis from GeekBrief.TV.

Matt has been playing with his new Veritas Skew Plane and Plow Plane. He also finally got around to building a sharpening station.  And Matt has made a promise to cut a set of dovetails everyday, until he can give Frank Klausz a run for his money.

Around the Web:

Western PA Table Project – a group of woodworkers building dining tables for victims of Katrina.

Toolsnob.com – article about NASA using a Rotozip to cut through permafrost on Mars…I wonder if its the one Matt sold in a garage sale last year?

Popular Woodworking blog post on mitersaws with cameras.


Lee Valley Giveaway winners: Richard Sylvestre and Mack McKinney. They will each receive one of Lee Valley’s new Skew Rabbet Planes!

Popular Woodworking’s All-Star Workshop Giveaway.


Are you ready for your holiday projects? Here are some ideas: small clocks, a magazine rack, a long grain cutting board, or maybe a serving tray.


Skee has some glue streaks on his veneered plywood.

David is getting the fuzzies when cutting his pine boards.

Tom’s Tip:

A unique way to transfer designs.


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